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Becci Crowe with rescued Pangolin

"My work is a reflection of my fascination with nature and all things wild. I seek the wild around me whether it's in my own back yard or half way around the world."

After 17 successful years as a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist in a fast-paced intensive care environment, Becci turned her energies to focus on the escalating conservation challenges she observed impacting people and wildlife.

Becci Crowe Jane Goodall
Becci Crowe's Wildlife Pointillism Art


"The more I witness over the years, the more I realize our future as human beings is tied to the fate of all life on earth."  


Traveling across six continents, including 16 trips to the African Continent, and over 47 countries Becci began networking with conservation experts from around the world and participating in fieldwork.



Becci's desire to study her subjects in their natural world has led to adventurous travel to remote parts of the planet where she soon discovered the challenges faced by wildlife and people sharing their environment. An early journey to Rwanda searching for endangered Mountain Gorilla led to an interview by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as part of an issue on the world's top 25 adventure trips. 


Inspired by her experiences, Becci supports conservationists around the globe through her Art, speaking engagements and active involvement in the field. Most recently she has been with Dr. Jane Goodall in both the Republic of Congo and Tanzania, Dr. Colleen Begg of Niassa Lion Project in Mozambique, and Dr. Greg Rasmussen of Painted Dog Research Trust in Zimbabwe.


Becci is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Jane Goodall Institute, a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, a TEDx Speaker and helped film and produce the television documentary "As Close As You Dare - Africa" broadcast on PBS stations across the US.

Becci Crowe Presenting her Art to Jane Goodall



As an Artist, Becci's explorations provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for her work. Her intimate images represent the close encounters she has with her subjects and are created with Pen & Ink. Favoring a  



technique called Pointillism, also known as Stippling, her Originals involve creating an image on paper literally one dot at a time. The details require thousands of points and take weeks to complete. Her subjects include indigenous cultures and the wildlife she encounters around the world.

Becci participates in national and international gallery exhibits and juried shows. Her work hangs in private and corporate collections including Dr. Jane Goodall and The Jane Goodall Institute and raises thousands of dollars a year in donations for conservation.

Los Angeles Live Auction

 Watch the live auction for Becci's "Into the Light" Elephant Pointillism with 100% going to the work of Dr. Jane Goodall & the Jane Goodall Institute. Thank you Cindy Landon!




Keynote Speaker


A strong advocate for wildlife conservation and the preservation of world cultures, Becci presents programs on her travel, art, and wildlife experiences. Enhanced by video and photos, she engages and entertains audiences of all ages. Watch Becci's TEDx Talk, taped live:


Contact Becci to arrange a program for your group or organization or call




Documentary "As Close As You Dare - Africa"

Becci Crowe's Documentary DVD

After years of travel to Africa, Becci was featured in the PBS documentary "As Close As You Dare - Africa". Shot on location in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia, it finished its 2 year run on PBS after broadcasting across the United States. It shares her passion for Wildlife and Art and immerses viewers in the dangers, beauty, and humor of Africa. Purchase the DVD  here.

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