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Becci Crowe Presents Dr. Jane Goodall's Portrait

"Jane's Prayer"

at Chicago Gala Raising $15,000 

"I Pray, Above All,  for Peace Throughout the World"

          "Jane's Prayer "

Signed by Dr. Jane Goodall

Personally signed by Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane's Prayer for the world is embedded in this Original Portrait by Becci Crowe which symbolizes Jane's lifetime of work around the globe in celebration of her 85th Birthday.

Accompanied by Mr. H., Jane travels 300 days a year around the world sharing her message of hope and urging each of us to take action on behalf of all living things and the planet we share. 

Jane's Prayer was created by Becci in Pen & Ink Pointillism. It contains thousands of tiny points, placed one at a time with colored inks, and a watercolor background representing the far reaching impact of Jane's work.  

Becci has known Dr. Jane Goodall for a decade. She has journeyed with Dr. Goodall in the Republic of Congo and Tanzania and is an advocate for the mission and vision of Dr. Goodall.

Becci Crowe Elected

to the National Board of Directors of

The Jane Goodall Institute

Becci Crowe joined a prestigious group as a member of the Board of Directors of  The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). JGI was founded by Dr. Jane Goodall 40 years ago following her groundbreaking years of research with Chimpanzees at Gombe in Tanzania. Today, with Dr. Goodall at its helm, JGI has expanded into a global conservation organization inspiring action to conserve the natural world and improve the lives of people, animals, and the environment.


Becci Crowe with Jane Goodall in the Congo

Becci Crowe comments: "I met Dr. Goodall 8 years ago. My conservation efforts aligned with Dr. Goodall's vision as I spent time with her in the field in The Republic of Congo and her home in Tanzania where I subsequently joined JGI Staff to retrace Jane's historical steps up the steep mountainsides of Gombe. It's an honor to serve alongside Dr. Goodall and her Staff on the Board of Directors to advance Jane's global vision and secure her legacy for the future. Her leadership inspires hope in us all at a time when it is sorely needed."

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