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"Bamboo Bear"

"Bamboo Bear" is a Pen & Ink Pointillism Limited Edition Print. Signed and Numbered, it is limited to an Edition of 50. Professionally printed on Archival Watercolor Paper each has the added bonus of being Custom Matted to a 16" x 20" size and ready for the frame of your choice.


If you are interested in the Original of "Bamboo Bear" please contact Becci Crowe directly.  


Scientists have determined from DNA testing that the Giant Panda is a member of the bear family. A panda's diet consists largely of bamboo stalks, shoots and roots. They eat from 25-40 pounds per day. Becci had the unique opportunity to volunteer at Wolong, China's largest Giant Panda Conservation Center, to assist in the care of these endangered animals.

"Bamboo Bear"

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